About Us

What is Crypto Academy?

Crypto Academy is a platform providing online education for those keen on the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, trading and token sales.

The platform serves as a place for sharing and acquiring in-depth knowledge through online courses.

Advance your career through learnings!

Who’s behind the Crypto Academy?

Crypto Academy is a project of Krypton Capital, a leading early stage venture firm focused on Blockchain ventures. The firm’s investment experience ranges across a variety of sectors, including Media, Technology, Cyber, Blockchain and others. Krypton’s team is actively involved in the crypto Community; with our advice and help companies raised over $300m.

What is the strong suit of online learning?

Stay in any part of the world taking advantages of online learning at any time you like. Don’t spend oodles of money on conferences, just make yourself comfortable and choose the course you want.

Experienced crypto traders, blockchain developers and investors will share all suitable information you need to advance.

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