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Crypto Academy is an online educational platform for professional adults, a part of the growing MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) movement available outside the traditional university system. Crypto Academy offers educational content on cryptocurrency investing, trading & blockchain from online content creators to sell for profit. As a platform, Crypto Academy provides tools which enable users to create a course and earn money from student tuition charges.

Crypto Academy is a project of Krypton Capital, a leading early stage venture firm focused on Blockchain ventures. The firm’s investment experience ranges across a variety of sectors, including Media, Technology, Cyber, Blockchain and others. Krypton’s team is actively involved in the crypto Community; with our advice and help companies raised over $300m.

Comparing to traditional university system, Crypto Academy students can learn at their own pace, having access to the top courses by best practicing lecturers from any place anytime. That allows to get necessary knowledge fast and have a good head start in new specialization at one of the most revolutionary fields in the world. After completing the course students are passing a test to receive certificate.

As a global marketplace to promote, communicate and connect with students Crypto Academy provides free hosting for video/audio and other course files, customer support for students. We share sales revenue, payments processing is handled by Crypto Academy.

No, becoming a lecturer, creating, and hosting your course on Crypto Academy is completely free. We cover and handle all customer service, payment processing and hosting fees.


Lecturer receives 97% of the revenue (3% is kept for payment processing fees) when he brings students to his Crypto Academy course through lecturer coupons. For every student Crypto Academy brings to the course through our marketing efforts, instructor keeps 50% of the sale. For every sale that comes through our Ad and Affiliate Program instructor keeps 25% of the sale.

Not yet. We plan launching coupons for official Crypto Academy launch, scheduled for May, 2018. Still, will you have any considerations on that — please contact us directly.

Crypto Academy does non-refundable advance payments that shall be deducted from the following future remuneration of the lecturer. The amount depends on our estimation and according to the performance of every instructor. The advance payment is separated in two contributions 50/50. The first 50% is paid before the content is fully prepared and the second 50% when the submitted course materials are approved by the Crypto Academy.

Lecturers can price their courses between $20 and $200 in tiers of $5 (e.g. $20, $25, $30 etc.) and so on). When choosing the price, please consider the exclusivity of the topic and overall amount of work you’ve done to create the course.

We pay on monthly basis provided the amount exceeds 500 euros by bank transfer to lecturer’s bank account. If the amount is less than 500 euros, the remuneration of the previous month is added to the one for the following month.

Lecturers can track all incoming sales and withdraw payments in their profile on Crypto Academy website. The report includes the date of purchase, student name, total price paid and instructor’s revenue.

Not yet. We consider adding p2p electronic cash (BTC, ETH etc.) payment option for lecturers after the official launch. Right now Crypto Academy is paying by wire transfer in Euros.


Your course will need to meet a few simple requirements to be published, and we’ll make sure you know what to do along the way.

Basically, your course needs at least 5 lectures and at least 30 minutes of video content. Audio and video quality is an important part in your course success so please take into account following minimum requirements. Your video doesn’t have to be produced in a professional studio, but it’s necessary to ensure that students can see and hear you clearly.

  • • HD video quality (720p/1080p, clear, not blurry, steady, well-framed)
  • • Audio that comes out of both channels and is synced to video
  • • Audio quality that is not distracting to students (no echo and background noises, adequate base volume)
  • • A well-written course title and subtitle that includes relevant keywords
  • • A brief, honest, well-written course description
  • • Clear course goals, target audience, and requirements that are easy and understand

Once you join us as a lecturer — you’ll have a dedicated manager to assist you in delivering the best educational content. So. we agree on course topic and syllabus. When content is ready you send it to Crypto Academy for approval. In case of any discrepancy with the expected content, it is send back to the you with additional feedback for corrections. After your material is approved, it becomes available for the users on the website.

Basic educational content is delivered in two formats: video lectures and multiple choice tests. Would you like to add articles, photos, infographic and so on — feel free.

Lecturers assign to Crypto Academy the exclusive intellectual property rights of the educational materials they have prepared as well as non-exhaustively listed rights that Crypto Academy can exercise after the content has been created - reproduce, distribute and perform the content in public, transmit it by cable, translate in foreign language, revise and synchronize. These exclusivity and non-exhaustively listed rights cover the materials prepared for Crypto Academy by lecturers in particular. That means other content (videos, articles etc.) for other websites is ok, if it’s not exactly the same with the one prepared for Crypto Academy.

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