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Divergence Trading


Divergence Trading

Technical Divergence, when applied properly, is one of the must useful techniques for identifying potential turning points. In this lesson Roy Cuzin demonstrates on a live Crypto chart how he was able to sell his holdings in both the Bitcoin and the Ethereum just before they completely crashed, using this powerful technique of Divergence trading.

Swing trading done the right way


Swing trading done the right w

Swing trading can be the most profitable trading style, with minimum level of maintnance, when applied the right way. Patience and a solide money management system are the key to success. The Crypto-currency market happens to offer the most amazing opportunities for natural swing traders. In this valuable Crytpo trading lesson, Roy Cuzin demonstrate in a real live case study how he wes able to cash in more than 200% gain in less than 2 months trading the Ethereum. 

Cryptocurrency Swing Trading


Cryptocurrency Swing Trading

Swing Trading is largely considered to be right in between Investing style and Day-trading style. Traders that wish to have far less stressful enviourment, as well as much more free time on their hands, then Swing-Trading should probably be their choise of trading style. As a veteran Swing Trader, Roy Cuzin is sharing some of his own personal experience.

Volume Analysis on Crypto Trading


Volume Analysis on Crypto Trad

Volume analysis is one of the most important elements in the Technical Analysis sphere, and when applied properly can significantly help traders to identify potential turning points. By presenting information regarding the actual balance between buyers and sellers, traders can better understand the psychological behaviour of market participants and further capitalize on that knowledge.

Crypto Trading on RSI Indicator


Crypto Trading on RSI Indicato

Using an advanced adjusment to the Relative Strength Index common implementation, Crypto traders can use the RSI to reliably find potential breaking points in the Crypto market. A properly applied combination of the RSI with a simple Volume indicator can turn out to be very useful, especially when trying to catch the next big move.

Crypto trading using Bollinger Bands


Crypto trading using Bollinger

Identifying potential turning points is what Bollinger Bands technique is best used for. Correct implementaion is key. This video lesson is demonstrating on a live Crytpo chart of the Z-Cash how to apply and capitalize on one digital coin for a time span of a few months and with no other supplementary tools or indicators.

The Secrete to Understanding Japanese Candlesticks


The Secrete to Understanding J

In this video lesson, Crypto students will learn the meaning of the Japanese candlestick chart, as well as the potential psychological interpretation thas can be generated, mostly by analyzing the cavdle's shadows. Long shadows (or spikes, or tails) are one of the most important and telling elements in the Japanese Candlesticks formation, which many traders and investors tend to overlook or misunderstand.

The Power of Fibonacci Extensions


The Power of Fibonacci Extensi

This video lesson will teach Crytpo students on how to evaluate and identify reliable potential price targets. Most traders focus on fine-tuning their entries with very little attention (or none at all) to their exits. As a matter of fact, having a solid exit strategy is actually evem more important then planning your entries. The Fibonacci extensios technique happens to be one of the best known tools to address analysis of potential exit targets.

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